A salad for lunch, improvised

Salads are ideal for improvisation, and what better time to improvise then the height of the main harvest season?

I don’t like my salads to be a mess of ingredients, being a big fan of a mix of greens, a bit of olive oil and lemon sprinkled on. Having said that, a creative mix of ingredients that gives a salad some interest and bite is very appealing. I started nosing around in our front garden, where the only greens that haven’t bolted at this stage were the romaine lettuces. I picked some red basil and parsley in the neighbouring herb garden. Down in the greenhouse I added purslane, red salad bowl lettuce and mizuna mustard greens, all planted much more recently.

homegrown salad greens in a bowl

Sure as shooting, our greenhouse tomatoes started producing some ripe specimens at the very end of July. We may be in a drought and an unusually hot and dry season overall, but the tomatoes are right on time. Most are still green, but I found a few ready for the salad, along with a puny specimen of a green pepper (I have totally failed at peppers this year).

small tomatoes from the greenhouse

Back up at the house, I was on the hunt for what to add to my salad bowl, not wanting to stop there. I still had the tops of some green onions that I’d picked in the greenhouse yesterday, so those were added. Right on the counter was a punnet of yellow plums, and in the pantry I had some pecans, so those went in too.

salad greens with tomatoes, yellow plums, and pecans

For a dressing, I quickly blended together a tablespoon of dijon mustard, some olive oil and a bit of white wine vinegar, with just a bit of salt and pepper. The resulting salad was extremely pretty and lovely and light to eat.

salad with plums, tomatoes and pecans

I wish I could eat like this all year round.

6 thoughts on “A salad for lunch, improvised

  1. That’s quite a bit of variety in that salad for someone who likes it to be simple greens, lol. Just kidding…when salad is a meal, it’s great to have those extra things. We love putting walnuts and feta and dried cranberries (when we can get them, I’ve used up my hoard from last fall) into a lunch salad. Envious of your tomatoes, mine are little green globes hard as nails still.

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