Modern campfire

Like many others in North America at the moment we’re in the midst of a drought and in the countryside this also means fire bans. We’ve had a fire ban in our area for at least a couple of weeks and after a brief, punishing downpour (the wrong kind for vegetable gardens) the other day, we’re back into the status quo: long, hot days with no rain.

Not to be cheated out of a campfire, we recently used our little Trangia stove for roasting marshmallows on our back deck and making s’mores. The boys thought this was pretty swell.

Roasting marshmallows over a small Trangia cookstove

I’m missing this boy, who is due back from a Scouting jamboree early next week.

Young teen enjoying smores

We could not find graham crackers anywhere when this whim took us, so we used a sort of digestive biscuit instead. Nobody complained!

Makeshift ingredients for s'mores

8 thoughts on “Modern campfire

  1. In Brownies, to make s’more making easier, one of my co-leaders introduced the idea of using those digestives with chocolate on one side – it works very well. It feels like cheating though…

    1. I’ve never heard of that, what a neat idea. My kids like Hob Nobs from the UK (their father is British), an oaty-version of a chocolate digestive. I think they’d go for that!! I see what you mean about cheating, however. I’m a bit of a purist too.

  2. I’ve been thinking of you all. I assumed the drought reached your place, but am sad to hear that it is the case. We’re just starting to see the effects here. I’ve been driving through farm country this week to take the kids to camp and watching their crops hopefully. Currently it is raining, a little harder than it would be in an ideal world, but not as hard as a few weeks ago (the last more than 5 minute rain I can remember). Hoping the ground takes some rather than sending it ALL to the river.

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts and I hope that your region doesn’t experience the drought too intensely. This is affecting a lot of people, but what drives me crazy is listening to reports on the news where they note that the drought is tough on farmers, but don’t make the connection that we all rely on the food our farmers grow (because of course so much of our food is still flown and trucked in from so far away). They were also pointing out that if we were to reach level three drought conditions, golf courses would have to stop watering! Why do we value golf over local food, I have to ask? Groan…

      1. Exactly the source of my frustration as well… There seems to be little connection between core crops and the impact on the average person. The only thing that cheers me up about it is that maybe soda will get more expensive.

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