Cooking by the seat of my pants

So, I wrote earlier this season about how we are still very much gardening by the seat of our pants. Well, that same analogy works well when it comes to cooking during harvest season, and I think it’s quite appropriate.

Greenhouse grown kale in pitchers on a counter

Faced with huge amounts of (admittedly, self-inflicted) kale, I got creative, hunting down new ideas on the internet and refreshing traditional dishes on the fly.

My 14-year old declared mac ‘n cheese with kale utterly fantastic, and has been similarly enthusiastic about a kale-based risotto, and Colcannon with kale. While I still haven’t attempted the simplest kale recipe on my list, kale chips, my intentions are still there. Tonight, I turned to the internet again, and came up with sweet potato and kale bites from Running to the Kitchen. Isn’t the very idea just so appealing?

A moody and somewhat inconsistent cook, tonight it is already 11pm and I’m just waiting for these little bites to come out of the oven. Long story, but our oldest boy is away at a Scouting event for two weeks and youngest son’s soccer game ate up the better part of the evening, so real cooking had to wait (at least for me) until now. Which is why I found myself greasing mini muffin tins at about 10.30…

Mini muffin tins being oiled

And boiling up sweet potato chunks while I sauteed a big batch of kale straight from the garden…

Sweet potatoes on the boil and kale in a pan

Of course, I never tire of seeing kale in a pan with a bit of olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

Sauteing kale in a pan

Fortunately, given the late hour, dessert is already cooling on the counter.

Blueberry rhubarb crumble with oat topping

I was inspired by a recipe posted recently by The Museum of Forgotten Pickles, and mixed things up with an oat-based topping (instead of the plainer flour-based one, which also sounded very nice), as I love oats and like to feel that my treats are good for me.

Okay, it’s late, so I’m off to eat. Thanks to green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and chard, amongst other things, coming along nicely in our garden, I promise that I won’t post again about kale or rhubarb for a while. Well, maybe.

6 thoughts on “Cooking by the seat of my pants

  1. The sweet potato kale bites sound so good!

    I’m so glad to hear I inspired you to make a crumble. I often make crumbles with oat toppings too. It’s great either way!

    1. That crumble was so good Kate and I ate a little too much last night! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 The sweet potato kale bites were really neat too, a nice change.

    1. There is nothing better than finding new friends who speak the same language about the things that matter to us, is there! I really love following what you are doing and getting new ideas. Thanks for the kind words!

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