Dog tired

Ah, the dog days of summer. After a scorching hot day today we were finally able to take our now 14-week old black lab puppy Reggie out for a nice long run through the fields this evening. Feeling playful, he also had a prolonged session battling a large plastic yogurt pot while we watered the plants in our greenhouse. He even had sufficient reserves to race our youngest up the hill on the way back to the house.

This is what Reggie looks like this evening:

14-week old black labrador puppy

He barely roused himself when the boys decided to get down to his level to say hello and snuggle up.

Two boys with tired black lab puppy

C’mon, those eyes seem to be saying, would you give me a little help here?

Brothers lying down with tired black lab puppy

And now we’re just back to this:

Black lab puppy stretched out on floor sleeping

This boy has a comfy bed in the main living area just steps away, but who cares about comfort when you’re this tired?

8 thoughts on “Dog tired

  1. He’s the perfect dogs for the boys. What a great time they all seem to be having. BTW…I’ll be posting a recipe for dog treats sometime this week…made them yesterday, and they just passed the dog taste test.

    1. He is truly a wonderful dog to have with children and he loves the way we live here. I’m so excited to see your dog treats – can’t wait!!

    1. It was really hard taking him back last night; he so clearly wanted to stay and we wanted him here. He’s staying for good on his next visit, at the end of this week, and we’re all very ready for that!

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