Life with Reggie

Have I said here that having a 12-week old puppy around is a lot like having a newborn? I think so. And it’s awfully true. We had the sweetie here for two nights and three days this weekend, a big step up from our first all-day visit with him last weekend. He’s just a couple of weeks shy of completing his core training with the breeder, and as we’re all in the same part of the world, we think it makes sense for her to finish the core job that she started (and of course we’re being trained too!).

He’s sufficiently comfortable with us now to have given us good glimpses of what misbehaviour (that is, standard young dog behaviour) we can count on having to control, such as incessant chewing of anything lying around (that doesn’t taste bad!), and so our training is ramping up accordingly. Thanks to a tummy bug we have also had a middle of the night episode with the dear boy, though thankfully he’s otherwise a good sleeper and loves his crate (and the fact that it’s currently in our bedroom). It’s shocking how much young, energetic dogs sleep, actually, and that’s the link back to human infants again.

Although our weekend was in many ways defined by Reggie and his newness in our lives (and we enjoyed that), we did also manage to do many of the things that we usually do, and to get some things done around here. Such as:

1. Taking a good face shot of Reggie

Reggie, our 12 week old black lab

2. Starting the job of reorganizing my kitchen pantry (yes, that means it’s my job, and yes, it’s only been 18 months since we moved into our house!), specifically to accommodate new Reggie-related stuff and just because it’s needed.

3. Quite a lot of garden and greenhouse related work, including: creating a small new herb garden in front of our house (my husband, younger son and Reggie, who ate the top of a dill plant during the process), more weeding (does it ever stop?), succession planting lettuces and radishes in the smaller bed in front of the house, planting a row of carrots in a 20-foot row by the greenhouse that failed to produce viable chickpea plants, checking on our 60-feet of potatoes (looking good!), creating two new 20-foot beds and planting them with squashes and chard (I’m even more of a chard girl than I am a kale girl), and doing a bit of late in the season path cutting in our raspberry patch.

4. A much needed revamp in the garage got well underway.

5. A very respectable amount of cooking, mostly focused on making use of garden produce, including a kale risotto, lots of salads,and a chard/walnut pesto.

Supper plate with breaded chicken pieces, salad and kale risotto

I’d like to add that it was a pretty good weekend (which makes my heart glad) for having kids in the kitchen, although, true to unpredictable form, this boy failed to eat what he cooked, even though it’s a popular favourite of his (breaded chicken pieces):

Young boy preparing supper

Older son, who more naturally gravitates to cooking and baking without being asked or reminded (at least not too much), took the bull by the horns on Saturday and offered to cook supper while the rest of us took Reggie out for a walk and a bit of greenhouse watering. He was appropriately miffed when we took longer in returning to the house than expected, but had kept the meal waiting in the warming drawer and had a tray of brownies cooling on the counter as well! If you’ve been here before, you’ll know this boy has a bit of a sweet tooth, again in evidence when a friend came over during the weekend:

Teen boy enjoying dessert

And I can’t help it, I love that when he has a craving, he takes whatever is to hand and – sometimes after a quick consultation with me – makes something rather nice for a treat (in this case just a bit of hand-whipped cream and some shaved chocolate on a ‘mini’ angel food cake). We have a long line of sweet toothedness to fight over here, but we do compensate with lots of fresh fruits and veggies!

I think my list of things done this weekend just ran out of steam, but it was all to say that having a new puppy didn’t prevent us from being reasonably productive, which was a good thing for us to discover!

Off to watch the final episode of season two of Lost…(I know, we are so 2005 in our viewing habits).

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      1. Her mom is some sort of golden retriever mix, and the father was a traveling man! She’s a mutt. I’m sure I will incorporate pictures into my blog soon.

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