Awash in kale and rhubarb

Bowl of kale next to rhubarb stalks

It’s just a wonderful time of the year; the garden is really coming into its own, and as I could have predicted, I have silly amounts of kale on hand. I have two kale plants going absolutely bonkers in the greenhouse, and another six or seven plants just hitting their stride in my front garden. It’s a ridiculous amount of kale for one family, but I’m doing my best to come up with ways to use it and preserve it (my standard method is chopping and freezing straight from the garden). I give some away whenever I can too.

Tonight some of the kale made it into a kale (rather than cabbage) based Colcannon. I’ve pretty much got a delivery system for healthy greens figured out for my teenager (chicken soup, asian-themed soups, and now Colcannon), but I’m still working on my younger boy.

Colcannon with kale in pan

The rhubarb stools that we planted out front last fall thanks to the generosity of a friend of my mother’s is also sublimely happy and I’ve been harvesting from it regularly for weeks now. Tonight I figured I’d pair some of the rhubarb with local strawberries for a cake; it’s just about to come out of the oven, so I’ll have to wait to try it tomorrow.

Rhubarb strawberry cake batter in bowl

What I’m very keen to do is make a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam, but I don’t have the time or the energy for that just at the moment (and I know I can’t dilly dally either).

Time in the kitchen is always more fun / interesting when a teenager is nesting balloons (yes, he managed to inflate three balloons inside each other, kind of like Russian dolls) and taking pictures for his own blog. I love that my bowl of kale is in the background here!

Orange balloon on kitchen island next to bowl of kale

14 thoughts on “Awash in kale and rhubarb

    1. I try to ‘major’ in crops that freeze well as it is so handy, and you’re right, rhubarb is definitely on the list. Strawberry rhubarb pie sounds great!

  1. sounds so yummy! I’ve got one more harvest of rhubarb to go! and have been thinking of planting kale next year… you’ve reinspired me!

    1. Enjoy the last of your rhubarb! And do give kale a whirl, it’s so versatile and good. I particularly like Red Russian, but they are all good.

    1. I grew it indoors on my windowsill for the first time this past winter, and it was slow but worked. It’s actually a prime crop for growing in a coldframe over the winter months, which is one reason why we put in our greenhouse this year. It’s hilarious to me how happy this cold-loving plant is doing in the greenhouse this summer, though, as it’s so hot right now. It seems to be highly tolerant of both cold and heat, and I can also confirm that it’s very forgiving around watering too. It’s really hard to get kale wrong, I feel. It’s really a four-season vegetable I guess!

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