The best kind of flowers

Painting of flowers by a child

Surely the best kind of flowers is the kind given by a son to his father. Our youngest, who absolutely loves to draw and is most frequently found creating elaborate sketches of buildings, bridges and battles, or else simple pictures of trees, spent three days painting this picture for a special father’s day project at school. My husband was over the moon to receive it last night (as youngest son could not wait until this morning).

Both my husband and I share a similar disdain for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (you know that Hallmark created Mother’s Day many years ago to increase sales, don’t you?), being the kind of people who absolutely hate to be told when to appreciate the people we love, never mind anything else!

But, in truth, over the years the boys have brought home the sweetest, most lovely gifts to mark these holidays thanks to the forethought of their teachers and their own earnest efforts. I have my own much coveted floral themed painting – very different in style, size and colouring – created by my eldest when he was much younger.

The best part of these flowers is that they will truly keep for ever.

6 thoughts on “The best kind of flowers

  1. I’m with you on the hallmark holiday thing, and also the surprising gifts that come home from school. We treasure some footprint casts from the girls days in preschool – they stepped in damp sand to make a footprint, it was filled with plaster, and when set, was a plaster footprint, with sand on it. It sounds tacky, but the first pair from the older daughter were such a surprise and we hung them right away, and waited anxiously for the nex three years, hoping that the second daughter would bring home the same Father’s day present, which she did. I’m so glad your floral painting is framed and hung, as befits it’s giver.

    1. The plaster footprints sound really neat, and I know how special it can be when your second child produces their own version of something your firstborn created years before.

  2. Those are some very sweet and lovely flowers. And you are right, the fact that they will last forever is the best!
    We are not into the whole Hallmark thing either – we make homemade cards. Our six year old told his pappa today that “every day is Father’s Day!”

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