Meet Reggie

So, our new 11-week old black lab puppy Reggie came to our house for a full-day visit today, our first ‘home time’ together. It was a bit of trial run to see how we’d like each other, and it was a roaring success. When we dropped him back to the breeder’s this evening (where he’ll continue to undergo his core training for the next few weeks, with us taking part at regular intervals), he made it clear that he expected to return home with us. That was hard and wonderful. Once he knew he was staying at his first home, he was absolutely fine of course, but it felt good to know that he wants to be with us!

The first hour of our visit was turned over to Reggie exploring most of the house and settling in. He also made time for a yogurt container.

Black lab puppy with head in yogurt container

It’s amazing how enthralling a dog will find an empty yogurt pot. Reggie declined a regular portrait in favour of this position.

Family walking a black lab puppy

After his mid-morning nap, we headed down our hill for a circuit around our land.

Black lab puppy exploring a stream

The stream at the bottom of the hill was a great first stop to explore for Reggie. On his second walk of the day he chose to roll around in it!

Black lab puppy on a summer walk

This is the closest we got to a full-face shot and it really doesn’t do him justice. This is one placid, take-it-as-it-comes kind of dog, a very good fit for our family.

Boys running with a black lab puppy

Having a puppy in the house is very reminiscent of having a new baby at home. Shorter periods of playing and nurturing are followed by long naptimes; as this was Reggie’s first day in our home, I stuck mostly to the kitchen when he was napping, making two batches of popsicles and chicken stock, baking some banana-oat-blackberry muffins, and tidying as my older son made mac’n’cheese with three cheeses for supper.

Young boy making popsicles

My youngest was a bit uncertain of how to spend his time while the dog slept, but found his stride dipping in and out of other activities. We even started a board game together while we had a late lunch/snack, but then Reggie woke a bit earlier than expected and it was ‘Reggie time’ again. The first blush of paying rapt attention to the dog’s every move while he’s awake will fade, but I think the foundations of a great friendship were started today.

13 thoughts on “Meet Reggie

  1. Ugh. So wonderful. My old codger of a dog still warms my heart and I remember those early days – learning each other. Such fun. Congrats to you, and to Reggie. Seems like he’s found a pretty sweet gig.

  2. Well now, this Lab got lucky – for two very good reasons: he has landed on several acres of meadow on which to romp, and he owns a family that will love him to pieces.

  3. so much fun, so much fun!! what a great new addition to the family! love the pics of the pup and the boys reminds me of all the books I read growing up: old yeller, where the red fern grows… the bond between boy and dog!

    1. Yes, we’re still pinching ourselves! I’m totally with you on the ‘boy and his dog’ feeling – I just love that so much.

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