Nature walk

On Sunday we put aside all of the work that we have to do around here (gardening, fencing, building the supports for a highway sign – yes, really – and more) and took a nature walk through our woods. It’s easy not to take the time for these things when there is so much to do.

It was raining lightly, which made the colours of things more intense. Youngest son also brought his cap gun along, and enjoyed pretending he was a bandit in the woods. That didn’t stop him from taking a few quiet moments with a dragonfly or appreciating the stillness in the trees. The mosquitoes were out, but not too bad as long as we kept moving.

2 thoughts on “Nature walk

    1. Thanks Melissa! The dragonfly is my favourite too. Yeah, on the highway sign I neglected to mention that it’s for our own business. Our property came with its own highway sign, and we recently gave our advertiser notice, realizing that we could use it to better advantage if we used it to promote our own business!!

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