BlackOutSpeakOut – Canada and the environment

The Canadian government really makes me ashamed of being Canadian at times; our record on the environment is really awful, especially considering the massive amount of land and natural resources that we are custodians of. The following is taken from and the Care2Petition site:

Right now, Canada’s Federal Government is pushing through a massive budget bill (C-38) that undemocratically weakens or removes many of Canada’s most important environmental protections, without input from the people these changes will impact the most. This bill also attempts to silence charities and other Canadian voices who speak out for our environment and other important issues.

Under the proposed bill, Ottawa will use its power to promote oil and other major industries instead of taking care of Canada’s environment, wildlife and people. Meanwhile, the bill provides $8 million in new funding to audit and possibly defund charities – including groups that advocate for better environmental laws.

Visit to join the campaign and to access tools to make your voice heard. Speak Out on Twitter, Facebook, and through your personal networks. Email or call your MP. In this historic Canadian moment, your voice is vitally important.

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