Where we’ve been

My husband grew up in Eastbourne on England’s south coast (just east of Brighton, if you know it), so this was our base for our two weeks in the UK. We also took four days to do London (where we used to live and our first son was born), but I deliberately left my camera at home on those days.

Posts to come from this trip will focus on dew ponds and allotments, but for now, the above gallery is a bit of a taste from our time exploring the South Downs Way and other spots in and around Eastbourne.

10 thoughts on “Where we’ve been

  1. What wonderful photos! Just catching up now. I really like the one of your little guy sitting backwards on the stone wall — so cute. And that sideways tree? Neat. Why did you leave your camera home when you went to London? To experience the trip, rather than record it? 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa! I did indeed leave the camera at home when we went to London so that I could just experience the trip. Photographing things does change what I experience, and in London I would also have been more aware of the camera and worrying about where I stashed it when I wasn’t using it, etc. It’s also a place I’ve lived in the past, and it felt somehow more natural to be camera-free.

    1. Those posts make up what is called a groyne in the UK; they top a more solid wall below and help to keep the beach from eroding badly. The south coast of England is mostly shingle (stone), with some sand right at water level. My husband has great tales of playing on and around the groynes growing up!

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