Keeping it old school: take 2

Young boy pushing old fashioned plough

I’ve written a lot here about how we prefer handmade and hand-operated tools and things to their modern counterparts. Preparing our beds for spring planting is no exception. This lovely old hand plough was found here on our land after we purchased it.

With the last frost apparently behind us and warmer temperatures something we can rely on, we quickly prepped and planted an enlarged version of the bed directly behind our home today. It was a full eight-hour day, but boy it felt good. I’m too tired to write it up here, but maybe tomorrow I will.

In case you are wondering, our son did volunteer for the job.

9 thoughts on “Keeping it old school: take 2

    1. Absolutely! This boy was pooped at the end of a long day outside, part of it spent ploughing, so you’re quite right! I’m glad to have found your blog – it looks really interesting.

    1. Wow, good for you. We acquired a new handtool in the last year called a Magna Hoe that I plan to highlight on the blog when inspiration strikes next; it makes breaking up hard ground easy work.

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