Always check your labels

There must be parents or grown-ups out there who have had this conversation before, or a variation on it at least, but it was totally new for me tonight. My children are 14 and nearly 9, and it surprises me that we haven’t had this conversation before.

We were sitting around the table after supper and my husband got up to get a glass of wine for each of us (the grown-ups, that is, of course). He placed a glass in front of me and close to it a bottle which I did not recognize. This really threw me, as I had just purchased a bottle of white wine earlier in the day and opened it to use half a cup in a recipe I was preparing (my perennial favourite, white fish in puff pastry, which I hadn’t made in at least a month), and this wasn’t the same bottle.

Me: ‘Where did you get that?’

Husband: ‘In the fridge.’

Me: ‘Really? That’s not the wine I bought today; I just used it for the fish.’

Husband: ‘Well, it was on the door when I opened the fridge. It’s nice, it tastes just fine.’

Youngest son (after getting up to examine said bottle): ‘Wait a minute. We have a problem. You do NOT want to drink this.’

Me: ‘Why not?’

Youngest son: ‘It says it’s from 2008.’

Ontario wine label

After falling about laughing my husband and I proceeded to explain why wine can be one of the very few food-related things which can actually improve with age. It still amazes me that this isn’t something that we’ve discussed in some way before, as we talk with our kids about almost everything, and methods for making and preserving food and drink is a fairly common topic at our house.

I just hope I can always hear my son’s warning voice in my head; just remembering it now makes me giggle all over again.

4 thoughts on “Always check your labels

    1. I must admit it’s a new favourite memory of mine; we’ve just come back from being on holiday with our boys and we had a few opportunities to revisit this episode, and he just loves having a laugh about it now!

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