Just not what I was expecting

Snow in eastern Ontario on 23 April after a spring that started in early March

I thought I’d been paying attention to the weather forecast; we check every few days at this point to see where the trends are headed and to try to get a feel for when we can plant more outside. Nothing that I looked at last time I checked prepared me for winter white this morning. Yesterday I was in a t-shirt and cords adding compost to the raised beds in our greenhouse.

Rhubarb on snowy morning 23 April 2012

Our rapidly growing rhubarb will no doubt roll with this turn of events, being from Siberia originally (at least I hope so); it is quite sheltered by an overhang next to the house. I wonder what our baby cherry trees, which were just starting to blossom, think?

On the upside, this does count as precipitation, which we’ve sorely needed…

14 thoughts on “Just not what I was expecting

  1. While we didn’t get any here, the temps dropped about 25 degrees (F) over the last 36 hours. Neighbors 15 miles away had snow this morning as well. Freaky spring, indeed.

    1. The new rule is to expect the unexpected it seems! The upside is that the soaking our ground got was much needed and much better than rain, which would have just run away.

  2. I hope everything works out, at least makes it. Sometimes I look at it as nature’s way of pruning and thinning. I hope your little cherry trees live, even if the blossoms got frosted, it’s better to not have fruit the first couple of years, the trees grow stronger without supporting fruit.

    1. I think you’re right that we have to trust nature; in the end, it’s in control, not us! Good point about the fruit for those new cherry trees.

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes! We’ve now got rain, which was much needed, so hopefully all will be well. Our greenhouse didn’t like that wet load of snow, so we get an early heads-up that we’ll have to adjust our cover!

    1. Absolutely; I’m really grateful in the end, as that snow was the kind of moisture that could soak in slowly onto ground that was baked hard from dryness. Last night the rain started and we’re catching up!

  3. Oh that is disappointing, in the U.K we have had non -stop rain, I think even the plants are saying mother nature give us a break.Hope the plants stay strong.

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