94 acre organically farmed retreat for sale in Eastern Ontario

This is not the sort of posting I normally write, but I happen to know of a really interesting property for sale in my part of the world (about an hour west of Ottawa, the capital of Canada) because of a client I’m working with, and many of my readers are fellow homesteaders like us. If any one of you reads this post and thinks “I know of someone who’d love to know about a property for sale in that part of the world”, that has to be a good thing.

The property in question is 94 acres that includes 37 acres pasture, 37 acres organically maintained farmland, 10 acres woodland and ponds. There are two houses on the property, the main residence and a secondary restored log cabin, as well as barns, outbuildings and a yoga studio. For the past 10 years the owner has operated the New Life Retreat from the location; he is selling as it’s time for him to move on for personal reasons, and he cares a lot about finding new owners who may want to continue the same kinds of activities on the property.

Future uses could include continuing to operate as a retreat or bed and breakfast, a summer camp or educational centre, a farm or market garden, an equestrian centre, etc.

If you know of anyone who may have an interest in finding a property / taking over an existing retreat or establishing a new business in this kind of place, please feel free to point them to the property’s website.

11 thoughts on “94 acre organically farmed retreat for sale in Eastern Ontario

  1. If I wasn’t heading up a technology start-up, I’d be jumping on this. Dave and I have been considering all sorts of options for when I sell the company a few years further down the road, and this is EXACTLY the sort of place we have envisioned. It’s lovely.

    1. That’s so interesting to know! If this property had come in front of us when we were looking to move out here, we’d have been sorely tempted!

      1. Every remark and observation you make is exactly how we feel! Heck, we even drive the same car as you! Yes, we would so buy this place in a heartbeat…in 3 years, maybe something like it will be available.

      2. It is so funny how much we have in common. I’d love the chance to meet you two some day, I expect we’d have a great chin-wag! In the meantime, I’ll send good vibes your way for finding such a place when it is time for you to look.

  2. OMG – I’ve been looking at the pictures and drooling all afternoon. CatMan had to jerk me back to reality with statements like: “You’d probably have to plow the roads to get in and out in the winter” and “I bet you have to bring in very expensive heating oil.” and “Really? Can you imagine having to clean a 4000 square foot home? I bet the upkeep would be a HUGE amount of work.”

    Still, it’s an AMAZING price for an AMAZING place! Heavy Sigh.

    1. I totally understand your reaction to this property and can identify in getting caught up in the dream of a place. It is pretty seriously neat looking, but thank goodness for life partners who can keep us on the straight and narrow!

    1. You should be able to contact the seller through the contact form on the website promoting the property; it isn’t ours! Let me know if you have trouble finding the link and I’ll send it to you.

  3. If you turned it into a commune, the work of upkeep wouldn’t be bad, with many hands sharing in it. That’s plenty of land to support a group.

    1. Interestingly, the owner has continued to hang onto the property, although it’s technically still for sale. I know that he had a vision of something like a commune operating there.

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