Bonding over Bananagrams

Bananagrams using arugula as the anchor word

My older son and I have a ritual. When it’s been too long since we last made time to sit down together and play Bananagrams, we pass each other somewhere in the house and I say “you owe me a game of Bananagrams” or something along those lines. When we know I’ve had to say it a few too many times in a row, we actually play it. Usually one of us has baked something yummy to nibble on while we play.

Bananagrams using ranunculus as the anchor word

I was so proud of myself using ‘ranunculus’ the other night as my anchor word, but that didn’t lock down the game for me. Just like when we play chess, he beat me anyway. I resolved to beat him on the next round, and indeed I did.

Bananagrams using quandary as the anchor word, and a pile of vowels

The poor kid somehow ended up with a pile of vowels at the critical point. A quandary, indeed!

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