Mystery footprint

Mystery footprint in mud

After a full day at work and school today, three of us headed down to our ‘big field’ to start dismantling some fencing that we will use elsewhere (more on this later). On our way, we came across this footprint. It doesn’t belong to a wild turkey (haven’t seen one of them for a while anyway) or our heron, and frankly I just don’t now what critter it does belong to.

Anyone? I’m sure one of our fellow-farmer or nature-loving readers is bound to know.

Edited to add: Sure enough, Daisy at StoneHausRoad was quick to point out that it must be a raccoon. I think I’m so used to thinking of them as city critters (having seen them swinging from trees and hiding in drains in our old urban neighbourhood) that it just didn’t occur to me to think of a raccoon here.

4 thoughts on “Mystery footprint

  1. I’m taking a tracking class and yeah the glove shaped hand does look like a raccoon! (I love the little gloved hands of racoons!) I’ve seen star shaped tracks (in the text book) that are from an opossum and that top one makes me think of it a bit… but I think the thumb has to be spread out wider for an opossum. I’m just a beginner at this!

    Our teacher is always reminding us that we have to take our tape measure with us (to measure width and length of the track) and make other observations also… where was the track (by a river or leading up to a tree…), were there any other signs…(twigs nibbled on, scat left). And when you can find a full trail to follow you can measure between the strides, etc. It’s all quite fascinating!

    It must be really interesting to find out who’s living around you. My favorite photo from our class book was of an impression that a fisher made when it had jumped down from the tree – you could see his full body imprint (including tail) left in the deep snow!

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