In full flow

So, this weird temporary spring that almost feels like summer is set to last all week. Until the weekend, when we’re supposed to come crashing down near to zero again. Feeling just a little bit like a yo-yo. In the meantime, everything is a-flowin’ around here.

Stream in full flow in eastern Ontario in March

We have several streams running across our land, this being the main one. For 11 months of the year our makeshift wooden bridges sit a foot above dry or just wet ground; at this time of the year, they are nearly lost in the rush. One more good rainfall and they will be.

Stream running full to its banks

Over at the pond, the stream on the other side is almost level with the pond, which is full as full. We’ve got a bit of flooding here which we’ll need to take in hand the next time we get to work on the dam and its adjacent banks. It took a moment on a recent ramble to notice that a huge log was jammed crosswise across the dam.

Small pond with dam in spring run-off

In fact, the whole approach from the north to our pond is pretty much flooded. This track next to one of our streams has always been squishy in wet weather, but this is the worst I’ve seen it.

Eastern Ontario farmland soaked in spring runoff

Everything is just so brown here at this time of year, even down by the pond. It’s not our best moment, though the smell of things coming back to life is wonderful.

Pond in early spring in eastern Ontario

There are occasional flashes of colour to be found, mostly in mosses and lichens, as on this tree in the pond that runs down through our woods.

Late winter stream running through a wood

We chased boats down the stream on Sunday with our youngest; definitely a first for this time of year.

3 thoughts on “In full flow

  1. I know it’s a mess, but gosh are those pictures gorgeous! We are having unseasonably warm weather here as well. I put the kids in shorts and unearthed the sunscreen this afternoon. 🙂 Last March we were still buried under multiple feet of snow. I’ll take the sun. Much more fun to be outside now that it’s Spring.

    1. Same here with the snow last year. It’s been mind-bending going from snowpants to shorts in just days. All of the kids at school pick-up yesterday were trying to lose yet more layers of clothes. I must admit the sun feels awfully good!

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