Winter again? Must be time for a campfire supper

My mother-in-law is busily planting seeds in her garden in southern England, my cyber friends Libby and Dave have written about having their tomato plants outside – can you feel the jealousy? – and we’re just yo-yoing our way through winter/spring here.

Child standing in very deep snow

A few days ago we were in fairly solid winter here (after a pretty lightweight winter overall), as evidenced by the deep snow in the above picture, and the ice in the one below.

Child standing on frozen stream in March

And then we had the most incredible warm spell, up to 15 degrees celsius, when almost all of our snow melted. Our pond went from being covered in a respectable amount of snow and ice to being almost completely open water in something like 36 hours. We spent the 15 degree day out in a field, sawing lengths of wood from a dead elm that we felled with the help of friends last summer, soaking up the sun and the warmth.

And then last night it snowed again, and this morning we were back to a heavy world of white. Lots of shovelling today, and skiing down our hill just for kicks, though we see that the trend is that it’s all going to melt again pretty fast. Not to be deterred by -7 weather after having had plus 15 just two days ago, we had a campfire supper tonight.

Dad and kids around the campfire in wintertime

We had sausages, hot dogs, fried onions and toasted marshmallows – not the squarest meal I’ve given my kids in a while, but they sure enjoyed it! A flask of hot chocolate topped it all off.

Frying pan with sausages over a winter campfire

I even scored a perfect golden marshmallow, bestowed on me by my eldest.

Campfire toasted marshmallow

I think we’re back up to plus nine tomorrow, and so it goes!

4 thoughts on “Winter again? Must be time for a campfire supper

    1. We’ve got spring fever too – it’s hard to be going up and down like this. I think we’re in the homestretch now. Hope you get your spring soon too!

  1. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog. Even though we’re in the midst of spring down in Texas where we are, we find ourselves envying your campfire supper. And, are those bratwurst sausages? Yum!

    1. It was a little messy with mud around the edges, but it was a fun snowy supper outdoors, I must say. The sausages were actually a beautiful breakfast variety made by a wonderful place called The Piggy Market that I often refer to in the blog. They are an artisanal deli and butchers and we get some of our best ‘meat-treats’ there when we can make it into Ottawa.

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