The month in wood

Teenage boy stacking cord wood for a woodstove

We have learned an awful lot about our Esse Ironheart woodstove this winter, our first one heating our home exclusively with it. We have more learning to share, more recipes to post (including my husband’s tried and true bread recipe for the Ironheart), and more ideas about how we’ll continue to make the most of the Ironheart. It’s all coming soon, promise.

I took this shot yesterday when our older son was stacking wood at the entrance to our basement; the amount shown here is about a month’s worth of fuel in the winter months, give or take.

4 thoughts on “The month in wood

  1. I wish we could gift you with some of our spare wood…we have so much from several trees we lost due to lightning this year. Alas, at only two fires a year, it’ll take us years to use it all.

    1. Well, I am glad to know that come the apocalypse you have wood to burn! And you are sweet to think of sending wood our way – the sentiment is greatly appreciated!

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