Green bean dreaming

Young child sitting with bean plants

We’ve had a funny old winter and after yet another thaw, when we lost a huge amount of snow in less than a day, it’s now very cold again. And the wind has been pretty fearsome. All I can think about is getting outside into the sun and into the garden, but it will be a good while before any of us will be sitting amongst the beans, communing with nature.

3 thoughts on “Green bean dreaming

  1. Are beans difficult to grow? We haven’t planted any for this year’s garden, and now I’m wondering if maybe we should consider it.

    1. No, actually, we found them incredibly easy to grow. We’re on a lot of clay here, that we’ve only been able to break that up with a bit of organic matter. Three different types of beans, including Blue Jay and Scarlet Runner, grew beautifully on our clay with no assistance this year. So I’d say go for it! They are easy to freeze or save if you can’t eat them all, which I love.

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