Red weekend finds

We suddenly found several much-needed items for our house when rummaging around one of our local antique/junk shops this week; yesterday we went to pick them up. Turns out they are all red. I love old things and giving them new life.

Our new house has a ‘great room’ that combines the kitchen, dining area and living area all in one (we wanted it to feel like a one-room cabin). There is a longish stretch of wall opposite the woodstove and dining area that has been driving me crazy with its bareness. This old bench has done the trick (and I can’t wait to put a whole gallery of family photos above it).

Old bench with red peeling paint

We have a mudroom (which gets unbelievably muddy!) that is our main entrance and we’ve neglected our proper front entrance as a result. It’s a nice space, but we’ve done nothing with it in the 15 months since moving in. This weekend we found just the right rug for the space. It’s just a simple, not very old kilim, and has got lots of red in it too.

Red kilim rug

Finally, an empty corner in our youngest son’s room has now been filled with a sweet little bookcase with red accents. I love how Optimum Prime is presiding over things.

Little red bookcase with red sides

One thought on “Red weekend finds

  1. I love the red bench…and it will be even better with some family photos above it. We went thrifting too this weekend, but didn’t get much of a haul…only a painting that we’ll probably blog about later in the week.

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