At least he’s feeling better

I may still be grouchy about living with lice at the moment, but it’s good to see this boy at his full strength again.

Teenage boy in ski clothes

I know that this boy is fully recovered from his bout with mono as he asked me this morning if he could start walking to school again. We are all ready to start walking to and from school again, so this news was greeted with great enthusiasm by me and my husband.

This shot was taken on Monday afternoon, two days ago, when we all went for a ski on some lovely fresh snow on a local trail. Our own trails are not so appealing this year, largely because we haven’t been trail cutting so much in recent months (unlike last year) – it’s hard to keep up with everything! We talked today about how it’s really only possible to do a couple of things well at a time, and to feel like we need to do everything all at once is counterproductive.

The Ironheart is a case in point; I haven’t baked or cooked on it in a few weeks, partly because it’s been a lot warmer outside recently (it’s cold again at the time of writing), but also because I just haven’t had the attention to put into it. Regulating temperature for baking on a woodstove takes a bit more attention than firing up a conventional oven to 350 and saying ‘Go!’ Tonight, however, I did manage to get two loaves of banana bread into the woodstove, however, and that is something at least.

We’re feeling the pressure of the spring that will come and the need to get organized with our seed planting and other garden planning activities. Our seeds are ready to go, we just need to get them into peat blocks and onto shelves in the windows where we start them out (more on this soon). Today we walked all over the place to try to decide where our new greenhouse will go; still not completely decided, but it helped to narrow down our options. We also walked around in front of our house where we will plant more new trees this year, as we need to get our order finalized with our choices. We’ve also got plans for moving some fencing, relocating our berry shack to our pond and building a ‘porch’ onto it, and…well, the list is truly too long to share here right now.

Tomorrow I’m going to share a recipe for veggies in puff pastry that turned out rather well last night.

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