Is versatile another way of saying that I’m all over the place?

Seems I’ve been nominated for the peer-recommended WordPress Versatile Blogger Award by my friends at Green Pocket Protector. Still not totally sure what this means, but it’s very nice. It’s got a chain letter feel to it as I’m supposed to nominate seven other WordPress blogs as part of my acknowledgement of the award, and let each of these bloggers know about the nomination by alerting them to it through a comment on each of their blogs.

I’m finding that the business of blogging is so much more enjoyable and gratifying when connecting with other bloggers, so I’m game!

I’m a bit bummed that Libby and Dave got to me first, though, as they would also have been very much on my list. Geez guys!

So, without further ado, the two things I’m supposed to do:

Tell you seven random things about myself

1. I still struggle with the fact that I was once a highly organized person – since having children, I seem to have lost the organization gene almost completely. I’m quite diligent in a work environment, but with home and family matters this means I often feel scattered. That’s my big confession, okay?

2. I don’t do well with cooking and holding a conversation with another person(s) unless it’s something I’ve done so many times that I can prepare it in my sleep. I’m okay with the usual family babble, but I’m not prone to putting on cooking shows when friends come to visit.

3. I once lived just around the corner from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin (it was probably a Guinness that gave me the strength to drag a Christmas tree home across a couple of miles of Dublin’s streets one year).

4. I’m thoroughly envious of people who can play an instrument, draw, know another language, etc. I seem to have got through 42 years of life without even coming close to mastering any of these skills (though I got ‘A’s in art in high school).

5. I love that my children get as excited about a new copy of National Geographic arriving in our mailbox as they do about getting to play computer games (ie both pleasures are greatly welcomed). It’s all about balance, I guess…

6. Every winter I wonder if we should move somewhere warm where I could be on my bike (and grow food!) 12 months of the year. I have not cracked staying fit in the semi-frozen north and do worry that I never will.

7. I consider it my duty to make sure my children know the Beatles’ song catalogue.

Tell you which seven blogs I will nominate

1. Foodimentary – like many others, I’m unclear whether the rules of this award allow me to nominate a blog that I know has already been nominated. I can’t see why not. Anyway, this food-facts blog is endlessly entertaining and informative.

2. Domaphile – great blog name, great topics, great take on things urban and domestic.

3. Shambolic Living – Janine, a self-professed frazzled mother in Australia, is a fresh and frequently funny read. And she makes me feel like I’m pretty organized (and I mean that in a good way Janine)!

4. PhotoLord‘s daily photo contest produces a wonderfully diverse visual blog that’s always inspiring.

5. Free Range Kids – Lenore Skenazy does an amazing job of attracting and sharing stories of the challenges and perceived dangers of giving children freedom today

6. The Scrumptious Pumpkin – oh darn, I think I’ve duplicated another of Green Pocket Protector’s, but I love the fresh and diverse recipes found here

7. Hard Hat Green Thumb is a new blog and a new find for me and I’m having fun reading back through their posts on gardening, moving, and renovating

Happy reading everyone. And to you seven, don’t forget to include the rules, include seven random things about yourself, link to seven bloggers and let them know that you’ve done so. (For those who’ve been nominated already, you can just take it easy!)

7 thoughts on “Is versatile another way of saying that I’m all over the place?

  1. I happen to know that you draw very well and have a lovely singing voice – your maternal grandmother had both of these talents. And you know how to play the piano – it will come back if you take some lessons.


  2. Thanks for these new blog suggestions (we see you’re also a fan of Foodimentary, as are we…terrific blog, btw). Please tell us more about dragging that Christmas tree through the streets of Dublin while fortified with Guinness….that sounds like a wonderful story. If you promise to tell it, we (well, Libby) will promise to tell a story about Moscow, Russian Baltika beer, and Christmas!

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination – I’ve been down the rabbit hole of looking at all the other blogs and their blogs and their blogs…. I so admire your picking up and heading back to the land and look forward to reading more about it. It seems like we are two sides of the same coin – exploring similar issues from an urban and rural perspective. Cheers!

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