Keeping it old school

Old school bell

Moving to 28 acres gave us pause when it came to the idea of how we’d communicate with each other when one or more of us was out on the land. Whistles came to mind quickly enough and we have made use of these when we’re all out together and may need to get each other’s attention from a distance.

A whistle just won’t cut it, however, when I need to call everyone in for a meal and they are scattered to the four winds. Enter the old fashioned school bell. My husband dreamed up the idea that we needed one and we found just the specimen we were looking for when doing the rounds at a favourite antiques / junk spot.

I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and it rings a treat.

16 thoughts on “Keeping it old school

  1. Change of subject…Dave says that his mom used to call him in to dinner with a bell exactly like this. Now that we’re living on his folk’s old farmstead, I’d sure like to find that old bell somewhere (right now we use our cell phones, which seems a little silly).

      1. The old dinner bell is probably hiding in the garage…our garage is a detached building that is a machine shop/garage/storage closet/loft/workshop. A week doesn’t go be where I find something new and exciting out there. It would be wonderful to find the old dinner bell.

      2. You are so lucky to have such wonderful finds right under your noses! Apart from a tiny ‘berry shack’ as we call it, we have nothing here but what we have built ourselves, so it’s all new. I hope you find the bell.

  2. That is by far the coolest bell I’ve ever seen. 🙂 LOVE it. When we were little, my dad built my sister and me a clubhouse in the backyard. And he gave us this giant metal bell we could use for our “meetings.” I have no idea where he got it. It was so loud we were barely allowed to ring it! But of course our lots were tiny, and you could hear the bell practically across town. Now you’ve got me wondering where it is after all these years. I bet my kids would LOVE it, too!

    1. What a wonderful memory to have Melissa; your Dad was pretty cool! Is there any chance you could ever find that bell? If not, you should track down one as similar as you can – your kids would absolutely adore it. Clubhouse meetings, does that ever sound super…

  3. When I was 8 my Dad taught me semaphore for a Brownie badge, and I got to practice it for years, as we used whistles between house and field to get the other half’s attention, and then semaphore to provide the details. It was on the strength of this that I chose to become a signalman in the Navy. I married a signalman, fortunately, so the tradition continues, though we no longer use the whistles. Dad gave us a big black triangle to hang on the porch when we took over the farm.

    1. Oh, that’s just the best story, I love that! We love the idea of semaphore in our household, but have never found the reason to take it up seriously. Thanks for sharing!

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