Boys and budgies

Teenage boy with budgie on his arm

Our nine (yes, really!) budgies live in a homemade cage in our mudroom; we’re actually well advanced in building a new, larger cage as the existing cage was originally built to be home to just five budgies. As I’ve written about here before, our female, Milly, and an unidentified partner, managed to provide us with four more baby budgies last year.

On Sunday the mudroom got a much needed clean and the boys let the birds out for a fly. They don’t really fly so much as winging their way from perch to perch, including the boys themselves.

Young boy with white budgie on his hand

There was a bit of tension at first, as older son is always good at getting the birds to come to him, but a big smile broke out when youngest son also had success. Yes, we are the crazy bird people, but they are rather lovely, especially when the boys have time to interact with them like this.

5 thoughts on “Boys and budgies

  1. Weren’t you going to get a dog right about now? Many need good homes, and acres of land to roam! And many are hypoallergenic, if that is what you are worried about (just ask the Obamas!)…

  2. Ha! Yes, a dog is very much under consideration, but (a) they cost a lot of money, and (b) are a big responsibility, so it’s not something we would just dive into! So, you’ll hear conversation about this long before it happens (the conversation has actually begun, but it will be s-l-o-w). We have aging gerbils to consider too, don’t forget!

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