Remind me never to…

…peel a Kabocha squash by hand again. Ever. Or any winter squash for that matter. Tonight I peeled, trimmed, seeded and cut up one such squash to include in a pasta recipe, and by the time I was done my shoulders ached and I wondered what in the hell had possessed me to start growing these suckers in favour of buying the frozen, pre-cut stuff in a bag!

Oh yeah, they store incredibly well for months at a stretch, are a great source of nutrition, are flavourful and lovely to cook with. They are just a total pain in the ass to prepare.

Supper was also somewhat later to the table than I’d hoped thanks to this diverting little activity, but I complain too much.

The squash ended up in a delicious and healthful pasta dish courtesy of The Scrumptious Pumpkin (gotta love those Freshly Pressed posts). I swapped Butternut for Kabocha squash, used leeks in place of shallots and added a bit of cream, because I can’t keep things too healthy. Life is a sad place without splashes of cream (or a good half cup or so).

The silver lining is that I ended up with far more squash than was needed in tonight’s recipe, so I froze the rest for future meals. Ha! Guess that’s one for me and one for the squash.

3 thoughts on “Remind me never to…

  1. Ha! I had a bumper crop of squash and pumpkins this year, so I’ve been making every conceivable variety of squash/pumpkin soup on the planet. One of my first attempts came from some recipe site that gives “preparation time” and “cooking time”. The prep time was listed as 10 minutes and involved peeling and chopping up one pie pumpkin. Seriously! I want to meet the person who can peel and chop a pumpkin in 10 minutes… or maybe I don’t… at least not in a back alley or something.

    Anyhow, I’ve now started baking them first then scooping out the insides and adding them to the recipe… not sure that would work in this case though. The recipe looks totally delicious BTW and since I’m not even half way through the squash… I’ll let you know if I come up with some way to do it that doesn’t involve Herculean effort!

    1. Good for you – our crop of squash and pumpkin was quite small, so we’re stepping up our efforts considerably this year now that we have some experience. Seriously 10 minutes?! Even with the sharpest knife and the best technique going I can’t see how that would be possible. I totally agree with oven roasting as the best alternative, normally cooking the hell out of a tough squash totally works for me!

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