The mono chronicles

Teenage boy waxing skis indoors

Amazingly, our son only ended up missing a month of school, returning last week for nearly a full week. I’ve heard many horror stories of people who missed a whole semester of school when they had mono, and I’m grateful that in spite of its early intensity, he appears to have emerged from the grip of this illness quite quickly.

He’s been cautioned to take it slow on the physical activity, so we won’t see him heading out on his skis right away, but I know he is ever so keen. He was last seen waxing skis on New Year’s Day, right before he succumbed to mono. Taking it slow with walks and outings will continue to be our approach until he seems really ready for something more intense.

Today, in spite of some very cold weather, we trooped over to our treehouse for a picnic lunch including just-out-of-the-oven cornbread muffins and hot chocolate. It was good to get out and definitely a novel sort of outing!

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