Anybody home?

Wild turkeys looking in through house window

This view is out of the window in the room where my husband and I work every day; it’s a pretty good view for a home office. Okay, so the windows are in need of a clean, but you can see those darn curious turkeys, can’t you? Anybody home?

So far we’ve had great views of all manner of birds and deer out of this window, but the turkeys are new and definitely the most pushy of our visitors. They’ll be asking for lunch next (it’s not going to happen!).

What I can’t seem to convey adequately in my photos is the wonderful way in which these birds are slipping about the icy ground outside the window. They are the picture of calm foraging creatures until they hit an icy patch, and then it’s all crazy feathers for a moment until they compose themselves again. I’ll keeping trying for a good snap.

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