Waffles in winter

Young boy making waffles with a wafflemaker

Younger son has been slower overall to come to baking and cooking, but what he has lacked for in speed he makes up for with enthusiasm. And I can’t but help but note how inspired he can be to get into the kitchen when his big brother is whipping up something tasty, which of course is the best motivation of all.

Earlier this winter we got back into waffle-making, which is really a cold weather food. The waffle-maker, which the boys gave me for Christmas a few years back, sits on a high shelf in the pantry for months at a stretch, and then when the cold weather comes, everyone (excepting my husband, but he’s strange) clamours for waffles. They make a nice break from pancakes, which we do quite a lot of, and feel a bit more polished and special. I’m more inspired to prepare a berry sauce and whipped cream when waffles are on the menu.

My go-to waffle recipe is a simple one from a Canadian Living cookbook, and the key ingredients that impart the taste we really like are vanilla and a bit of cinnamon. In our most recent waffle session, above, youngest son really cut his teeth on waffle-making; I must make sure we do this again soon.

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