Too late for Christmas dinner

Wild turkeys in winter in Eastern Ontario

Wild turkeys have found us. There were flocks of them roving over the fields and roads when we lived on a remote lake for a few months while our house was being built, and the boys were disappointed when we moved here and nary a turkey was to be seen. But this winter, they found our land (no doubt, again). We regularly see turkey crossings, like the one in the photo, on the hill below our house and they are just generally around, foraging and roosting in trees.

Widely thought to be a nuisance to anyone wanting to garden or farm, we’ve been reading up on these birds of late. My favourite article is this one, Preventing Conflicts with Turkeys, which sounds as though it was penned by a psychoanalyst.

4 thoughts on “Too late for Christmas dinner

  1. They really are, Libby. I find them quite lovely to have around in all honesty and don’t like to think that we might have to ‘manage’ their presence when we start up our garden again this year!

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