Eight year old boy is a better judge of character than his mother

My youngest and I are enjoying reading a novel about two mice on the run from a wicked woman (the nasty aunt in the story) who is out to kill them and will stop at nothing to do so.

The female mouse, who is having to defend her home while also looking after her husband (who carelessly scarfed down poisoned food), makes a fierce pledge to get this woman before she can get them. Renewing that pledge some time later in the story, she repeats “I will, I will, I will…”

This prompted me to say to my son: ‘Gosh, she sounds somewhat de-…” and I left the rest of the word unfinished to see what he’d say. I honestly thought he’d pick up the same vibe and say determined.

Instead, the canny boy said ‘You mean deluded!’

Quite right, my boy, quite right.

In case you’re wondering the book is Tumtum and Nutmeg: The First Adventure and it’s quite charming. The story treads familiar ground in many ways, but it’s told with a lovely attention to detail and – best of all – is spot on for where my son is at right now. He can’t wait to devour the next five books in the series and that means our reading pile is firmly established for the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Eight year old boy is a better judge of character than his mother

  1. Hmmm, I also thought `determined` – as in Margaret Thatcher. But Youngest son, perhaps thinking pragmatically, decided on ‘deluded’ because he considered the meagre odds of success in such a lopsided encounter. G.

  2. It shows you that we’ve been ruined by irrational hope in our old age, Gerry! I think you’re right that this boy took a far more analytical look at the situation.

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