Snow sledding day

It was an awesome day for sledding thanks to a bit of freezing rain last night, and we were out on our hill until we had all had enough. There is a grey, muddy, cold, indeterminate period of time in November and December when I find it hard to scrape up the will to get outside. Mounds of fresh snow and a great hill for sledding just outside our back door have got me outside again I’m happy to report.

I didn’t manage to get any shots of our youngest on his snowboard (a cheapie garage sale find), which would have made sense of the helmet in these pictures. I asked my oldest to remove his glasses once I saw the kinds of jumps he was attempting!

Our amazing homemade tobaggan is the Mercedes of snow rides – sleek, solid and fast – and I must do a post on its creation soon; it was built out of an old baby sled, a pair of wooden skis and some scrap wood, and it’s a dream ride! If I have a good look I think I can dig out photos of my husband and the boys building it.

Happy new year everyone!

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