Big snow

Big snowfall on driveway in Eastern Ontario December 2011

As anyone else in our part of the world knows, we finally got snow, just in time for Christmas. And then we got some more, and it is pretty heavy stuff. This view from our gate gives a bit of a feel for the amount of snow clearing we have to do, although it doesn’t show the driveway between the gate and the highway. We do this all by hand. Normally, our older boy does it all himself (save for the highway edge, which my husband handles), but yesterday we all needed to pitch in.

Shovelling big snow at the highway's edge

At the highway’s edge the cars just seemed to be crawling by, and the snow shovelling went at a similar pace, slow and steady.

Winter landscape in Eastern Ontario December 2011

Walking to the side of the house at the end of the driveway gave a whole different view. This view is one that reminds me daily of why we moved here.

Getting ready for a sled down a snow hill in Eastern Ontario

Our reward after shovelling? A slide down that hill, of course. Well, not a slide really – that much snow makes sledding nearly impossible and it was all we could do to push ourselves down in order to start creating a sled run that, by today, was much faster.

Pulling sleds up a snowhill in Eastern Ontario

Dad and son trudging back up the hill together with the sleds.

Winter sky with early moon in Eastern Ontario

It’s cold out there, but lots of fun. We’ve been for a first ski through our woods and enjoyed more runs down the sledding hill today. Just as long as no one insists that I take part in a snowball fight.

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