Have a waxy little Christmas

Homemade Christmas candles of a tree and a reindeer
Many of our Christmas decorations are very much of the homemade variety. I love the things that my children have brought home from school over the years and we’ve found some fun things at garage sales. When a convent was closing in our old neighbourhood a few years’ back we purchased four lovely little angels each sporting a letter from the word “Noel” and a hole in the top of their heads for a birthday-cake sized candle; they must be from the 1940s or 50s judging by their garb and the general state of wear and tear. It’s lovely knowing that the nuns used them year after year.

The candles above were made by our youngest son as part of a pre-Christmas street festival in our small town earlier this month; the local art studio offered a candle-making table on their bit of sidewalk that night. It was bitterly cold, but our boy was game to remove his mitts and get his hands on the warm wax to form some Christmassey candles. I think they are rather sweet and hope they will last for a good few Christmases to come.

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