Esse Ironheart and baking temperature

While out on our own for a glorious two hours on Saturday afternoon my husband and I found the oven thermometer that we’ve been needing to put inside the oven box of our Esse Ironheart. Why? So that we can be a bit more precise than ‘Cool’, ‘Warm’, ‘Hot’ and ‘Very Hot’, of course! (No more burned banana bread!) Initial readings gave a top temperature of 425 degrees Fahreheit, but we’ll be doing up a little chart with temperature ranges for each of those heat indication labels.  More to come on this shortly.

2 thoughts on “Esse Ironheart and baking temperature

  1. Hey, can’t wait to see your chart with temperature ranges. I’ve started cooking a little in our oven but only simple items like pizza. I should probably get an oven thermometer too. Have you noticed any big differences between temps on the top shelf versus the bottom shelf?

    1. Hi Sharon – thanks for checking back in. I’m just getting ready another post about baking and cooking in the Ironheart, including our chart with our ranges. I have noticed that the top shelf is generally hotter as much of the heat passes in at that level. Would love to hear about what you’re cooking in the Ironheart!

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