Half-baked on the Esse Ironheart woodstove

Young boy cooking on Esse Ironheart woodstove
I couldn’t resist the title, as we have been at half-effort in terms of cooking and baking consistently with our Ironheart woodstove. That’s been down to unseasonably warm weather in November (our warmest ever and nearly our driest ever), as well as our own dilly-dallying in terms of getting to grips with timing our fires to optimize cooking and baking opportunities. We’re getting there!

Above is my youngest stirring some of the ingredients for the chocolate button cookies that we made earlier this evening. He loved his first time cooking on the Ironheart. We would have baked the cookies in the Ironheart, except the fire had died down by the time they were ready after a 1-hour chill that was first required in the fridge. So, half marks on this recipe in terms of our commitment to cooking on our Ironheart more consistently.

Young boy stirring chocolate mixture on an Esse Ironheart woodstove

I couldn’t resist this shot either.

Boy decorating chocolate button cookies

Unlike my older son, who lives to eat what he bakes or cooks, this boy just likes the experience. I posted a picture of him with his head in a bowl of icing last year, and that’s really the nature of his sweet tooth: frosting and decorations. The baked goods he could really live without for the most part. He loved getting to openly sneak a few of the mint chocolates that were pressed into these cookies partway through their baking, but was unimpressed by the finished cookie. I’ll have more on hand for guests over the holidays, so I’m not complaining!

It’s only the 1st of December and we’ve got two batches of Christmas baking done and in the freezer…last year on this date we woke up to our first morning ever in this house and the total chaos of having just moved in. I’m counting my blessings.

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