Getting back to the woodstove

Oatmeal caramel squares baked in a woodstove

Without a doubt, I have raised a baker. Late last night my thirteen year old and I sat at the island in our kitchen and reviewed what he plans to tackle for Christmas baking. That list included ten different types of squares and fancy cookies, as well as candy cane bark! I think I need to invite an army to visit for the holidays…

He got started this evening with oatmeal caramel squares, which he baked in the woodstove. The temperature outside has gone down again and we’ve been able to cook on our Ironheart again without being blasted by the heat. Yesterday’s lunch, tonight’s supper and this batch of baking were all done on or in the Ironheart. He was a bit nervous about entrusting his precious squares to the woodstove, especially as he knows we haven’t cracked the temperature settings yet (it’s just laziness, in case you’re wondering), but they came out very well. As with some other items, they simply needed to be in the woodstove longer than they would have needed to be in the conventional oven.

Next up: lemon and lime squares.

I can’t close without linking to a wonderful blog posting found via Freshly Pressed – Being a Deer Mother – which I know both my kids will absolutely love. The eight year old will probably ask if we can adopt a baby deer too. I might sign up for that one – it would have to be somewhat easier than making eight monogrammed blankets for Santa’s team.

One thought on “Getting back to the woodstove

  1. looks like you had a great weekend of cooking and that the kitchen will be in full production mode this month! love the deer post also – great story!

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