Impromptu cooking school

When I invited my 13-year old son’s oldest friend over for a weekend that would include cooking lasagna and brownies, I didn’t really think about what my eight-year old would do during the cooking sessions. I didn’t really think all that much about what I would do either, as my son is so familiar with these recipes that I guess I figured that I’d be in the background, flitting about, while they cooked.

In reality, my eight-year old was incredibly keen to take part, and my 13-year old – being his wonderful flexible self – morphed into a cooking instructor while his friend and his brother assembled the recipes under his watchful eye. He crushed garlic when his students found they didn’t have sufficient strength, and cheerfully opened containers of ricotta cheese, all while talking them through the recipe assembly process.

The soundtrack was Coldplay, my husband was in the background sharpening a scythe blade (really!), I snapped tons of photos and whipped cream for the brownies, and everything turned out beautifully. Those photos need some attention before I can post it all here, but it’s coming.

I think I need to eat salads all this week to make up for the rich menu.

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