Locally made gifts

I’m a big, big Etsy fan (all things homemade and vintage), but even better than just plain old Etsy is local Etsy. There are many national capital area crafters on Etsy, and some of the best of these have been rounded up on one of my favourite local blogs, HeartFelt. Read more here. What could be better than a handcrafted gift made by a local craftsperson?

When Christmas rolls around my favoured shopping destinations include: my local bookshop for new titles (and it is a wonderful one), Bookmooch and anywhere else I can source previously loved books, Etsy for the handcrafted, and our local antiques and thrift shops for older, special finds. There isn’t a lot that I can’t source in these places, apart from shiny new toys, which do also get a look-in at our house (though a few special toys and games have come from Etsy sellers over the years I’m happy to say).

More and more I rely on gifts which can be consumed, and I love that Etsy has many purveyors of soaps and bath products, candles, edibles and even seeds for planting. In fact, I discovered Cubits, the Toronto-area supplier of seeds responsible for my beautiful chard this year, on Etsy.

One thought on “Locally made gifts

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Ottawa does have so many incredible artisans!

    I too find that consumables (esp. edibles) are at the top of my christmas list these days! And am trying to steer family members to buy me second-hand books this year!

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