Young boy paddling in a canoe on the Bonnechere River
The higher winds that we’ve been experiencing lately decided not to abate today, so in the end it was decided that our son couldn’t go flying today. He’s learned so much about meteorology in ground school that he understand the decision, which isn’t to say he wasn’t disappointed. The flight school has promised to give us a ring this week when there is an opening with good weather, and we’ll just go.

Looking again at the photo that I posted last night, I realize how much my son has grown since he first flew in a Cessna nearly 18 months ago. At the time, they had to take a booster cushion for him as he couldn’t reach all of the controls: now he’s nearly 5’6″ and wears a men’s 10 or 11 shoe! My husband is wearing last year’s hand-me-down boots from this son, something which will never happen again as he continues to grow (as you’d fully expect at 13!).

He’s grown in so many other ways over these past 18 months too. This boy is now really a young man, about to start his first proper job, full of knowledge about the world wars (and aviation) that he’s accumulated hungrily in some intense reading over the past year, has preferred ways of tackling tasks and jobs at home and around our land, is a great contributor within our family, and is ready to contribute to the world. I enjoy his company and watching who he is becoming. Human beings are constantly in flux and able to remain in a state of becoming, but never is it more apparent than at this tender age. It’s an amazing thing to witness.

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