Short orders and parting shots

I’m slipping off for a little mini holiday this weekend (ie without my boys) and the price of freedom includes a batch of pancakes for breakfast and four bags of concrete. The concrete is for fortifying our dam, which I’ve written about here before. Actually, I see that my first post was quite comprehensive and then I failed to document the next phase. Well, we’ll just jump ahead to the present day once we see what the three menfolk manage to get done around here this weekend. Their reward tonight is the Battle of Britain on DVD from the local library.

Yesterday I cooked part of lunch (grilled tomatoes) and all of supper (chili) on the woodstove. Photos and an update to come on making meals on the Ironheart shortly.

Today the oldest is charged with taking photos so that hopefully we can document here our progress on the dam for our pond. So, I’ll just make a few parting reminders:

To my oldest: be careful with the camera and don’t forget to do your laundry and clean out the bird’s cage
To my youngest: careful with those heavy rocks and don’t forget to clean out the gerbil’s bedding
To my husband: it’s time you made more bread!

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