Homemade recycled burn barrel

Old Holland potato planter
This old potato planter was found, sitting pretty just like this, on our land when we first purchased it. And there it sat for more than full year until we traded the hydraulics on it for a metal barrel with a neighbour.
I wrote in a previous post about how my husband decided to build a double-layered burn barrel based on the wood gasifier concept, and this led us to taking the barrel from the potato planter for this project. Our youngest got in on the action when we needed help with drilling holes in the base of the inner barrel.
Young child helping with drilling holes in a barrel
The reason for the burn barrel’s existence is that we have huge amounts of brush to clear from around our apple trees and while some of it will compost quietly, the really woody stuff is best dealt with by burning it as cleanly as possible. It is also rather nice to have the occasional bonfire on a clear evening. Last evening is when I got this picture.
Homemade recycled burn barrel based on the wood gasifier model
The only new purchases required for this project were a large drillbit and a metal cutting wheel for our grinder; two new tools that will be useful for future projects. All materials for the burn barrel itself were found and recycled, which we’re trying to do here as much as possible.

As a by-product we have enough charcoal being produced to keep us going in the warmer months for barbecuing; we should never need to actually buy charcoal!

Oh, and the round base with the windmill graphic that was cut out to make an open barrel end will become a nice piece of “artwork” which we’ll hang in our garage which we treat as a barn.

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