End of season carrots

It’s a long walk up the hill from one of our ‘test beds’ where we planted carrots and radishes this summer. I wrote earlier in the season about how the deer got nearly all of the seedlings, which was as I expected (this was an unprotected bed – ie no fencing, etc.). However, a few survived and my youngest decided yesterday morning to go and get them. Armed with a trowel and a bucket, off he went. And a short time later, back he came up the hill.

Young boy walking up the hill with a bucket of carrots

Nearly there…
Young boy carrying a bucket
Wrestling carrots out of clay is hard work, so this was a much appreciated prize.

And here’s the entire harvest. It’s not big, but it’s definitely a nice bonus at the end of the growing season.
Young boy and his harvest of fall carrots

4 thoughts on “End of season carrots

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the comment. It’s been a thrill finding these end of season carrots, as I’ve never had luck with carrots until this year. My son’s harvest was on top of the carrots we harvested from one of our main (protected) beds over the late summer. This is also our first year gardening on clay and it’s going to take a number of years to feed and break up soil that wants to naturally act like concrete! I’m looking forward to checking out your efforts on your blog!

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