Apple Marmalade

I’m going to coast on last weekend’s accomplishments as I need to get caught up. After my first successful batch of preserving green tomato and apple chutney, I was really fired up. The mystery taken out of the canning process for me, finally, I kept going on Monday night and whipped up a batch of apple marmalade, which is absolutely lovely. I have to say I was knackered by the end of Monday night, having spent two consecutive days doing a lot of standing and tending in the kitchen, but it was worth it. And that second batch was a doddle compared to the first, thanks to the demystifying, which was entirely down to Mary Ann Dragan’s Well Preserved: Small Batch Preserving for the New Cook.

How gorgeous is this?

Apple Marmalade

Dragan’s excellent instructions even resulted in the perfect “gel” stage my first time attempting marmalade!

My one quibble with Dragan’s book is that she tends to refer the reader/cook back to the canning instructions included by the manufacturer of the jars, but my new jars came without any such instructions. I see now that the manufacturer, Bernardin, has great info on their website, but there was nothing in, on or around the box! Anyway, the info in Dragan’s book was really very good and I felt more than equipped with common sense by the time it came to deal with the jars in the process.

Since making our big move out here there have been many firsts for me, among them pastry and canning, and in both cases I had allowed fear and apprehension to keep me from trying them for years. No more fear here!

3 thoughts on “Apple Marmalade

  1. yum! I definitely know what you mean – still haven’t done any sewing as I fear it won’t turn out as good as I imagine! : )

    one of the things I miss being at school is the applesauce I’d make every fall. Maybe on reading week…

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