Leaf throwing remix

Child throwing leaves into the air
I first posted this picture last fall; we were staying at a cottage on a lovely nearby lake before our house was ready and it was a crisp fall evening. I'm posting it again as I can't get a related image out of my mind.

This same child was recently caught slyly rummaging in the pantry and went running from the room. I laughed and called him back, whereupon he threw the entire contents in his fist (butterscotch chips) up in the air.

Immediately I thought of a scene from Ocean’s Eleven when a would-be casino robber exits the casino amidst a flurry of paper notes. My son showed this same sense of idiotic panic, and it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Wish I had a photo of the actual event, but this will have to do.

(What this whole little scene says about me and my effect on this child is another matter!)

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