Baking with raspberries and weekend work

The reason for this post is really to boost my Monday morning spirits with some great shots of the delicious raspberry cream cheese coffee cake that I’ve been able to make three times this summer, but it’s also a chance to record some progress around the place on the weekend, including:

– Walking around and photographing the apple trees that we feel should get our attention first: we’re faced with the task of reclaiming an entire orchard, and I’ll post more on this over time, but suffice it to say that this will be a multi-year activity.
– Rescuing one apple tree on the property: that’s a bit of an overstatement, really. We spent about 2.5 hours cutting brush and young trees from around one of the apple trees nearest the house, clearing the way to prune the poor thing later in the season.
– Reorganizing our garage and mechanical room to make way for the coming winter’s wood for our woodstove. My clever husband devised a simple slide or ramp over the stairs that lead to our basement from our garage and it’s the best toy we’ve ever given our eight-year old. That and the dolly that he used to cart the wood from the driveway to the top of the stairs.

Child stacking firewood onto a dolly
We agree that it's worth having a woodstove just to guarantee our kids this activity every year - forget about taking them to a fall fair or amusement park.

– Splitting and preparing a good-sized pile of kindling (no pictures; our 13 year old did a fine job here)
– A bit of garden tidying, including harvesting the last carrots and clearing out the finished stumps of lettuce

There was also laundry and housecleaning and baking and a swimming lesson for one child. But the raspberry cake. I’ve written about it before, but I’ve finally got pictures.

Bowl of raspberries
Our wild raspberry bushes are still producing and my husband insisted that they be used for this cake.

Raspberries and a cake base
The base is prepared, making way for the cream cheese layer and then the raspberries and crumbly coffee cake topping.

Raspberry cream cheese coffee cake
The finished cake...

Raspberry cream cheese coffee cake - inside shot
...and a close up. Yum.

Now we’ve got to get back to the treehouse, which is nearly done.

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