Homemade, recycled treehouse, part 2

When I last wrote about the treehouse we are building with the boys out of a mix of reclaimed, recycled and new materials, here is where we stood in terms of outstanding tasks:

Still to do:
– install the roof
– install walls
– “skin” the treehouse walls in scrap metal (the boys are thrilled that the finished treefort will look more like a bunker and it will mean that we don’t have to stain or paint the walls)
– finish installing mesh screen on several window openings
– build and install a door
– find and install a slide on the “exit” side of the entrance porch
– build and install rope-handled stairs on the “entrance” side of the entrance porch
– NEWLY ADDED: install solar powered fence-post light to top of entryway post

We’re planning to make a lot more progress this weekend, but here is how things looked recently (does not reflect above work):

Partially completed homemade treehouse using two live trees and a post
At the framing stage, including windows.

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