Our baby budgies: Izzy and Maybe

We promised to share some pictures of the two surprise babies who quickly followed babies Horatio and Blanca. Mother budgie Milly is looking thin, so we’ll be reconfiguring the cage to make sure that she can’t keep laying clutches of eggs! We now have nine budgies in our one, albeit fairly large, homemade cage and we’re going through celery (their favourite fresh veg), carrot tops and birdseed at a tremendous rate.

Baby budgie with white feathers
Introducing Maybe, the quieter of the two newest babies.

Baby budgie with white and blue feathers
Introducing Izzy, the more forthright and gregarious of the two.

The budgie brood now includes: Zip, Milly, Memento, Grady, Kitty, Horatio, Blanca, Izzy and Maybe. We are fast-tracking plans to grow our own crop of millet.

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