Has it been that long?

WordPress is kindly letting me know that I’ve created nearly 100 posts since starting this, my second blog. I didn’t know how long I’d stick with it, so never put a lot of design effort into it…as I can see that I’m in here for the long haul, I’m gussying things up a bit, but still keeping it simple. Watch out for our “to do” lists, which I’m going to share so that we can show how little (or how much?) we actually get done. Top of the list as of today: finish tree house, rescue apple trees and harvest as many as we can, make apple butter / apple sauce / apple pie, dig new beds for greenhouse, buy and build greenhouse, repair perimeter fencing, reinforce dam now that we know it works, etc., etc., etc.

Apple blossoms and a young boy
No time to organize photos, but I just ran across this one. I can't believe how fast the time has gone since our apple trees were full of blossoms. I also can't believe that I haven't been able to cut my youngest's hair since this picture was taken. School starts next week, so the haircut must happen.

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